One Year Ago…

364 days ago today I got sick.

200+ tests to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.

60 medical appointments since November alone.

100s of hours receiving treatment and researching how to heal.

Countless tears shed and prayers prayed.

Twice a week I’m receiving IV therapy to help my body heal, and it’s some of the holiest ground I’m on these days. That’s the thing about loss. Loss invites us to spaces we’d never go on our own, but it’s where our soul’s capacity grows the most.

It’s been a year. ❤️‍🩹 What do you do when life happens?

That’s the thing about transformation. Even if you’d NEVER choose your life’s circumstances, they can usher you into more of your whole self. You get to choose to let go of the old, what’s no longer working for you, and become new.

Staying a caterpillar is certain and comfortable, even if you know you’re created for more. 🐛 The cocoon is scary and unknown. But what’s on the other side of your next transformation journey is more beautiful and liberating than you could possibly imagine. 🦋

You and I were created to fly.

If you want to become your whole self and live into your fullest potential, you gotta get uncomfortable and let go of the old. You have to embrace loss.

I wish there was a different way, but I promise what’s on the other side is worth it!

If you sense an invitation to your next transformation journey, join our coaching group waitlist. Next month we’re opening up more opportunities for you to engage in a way that works best for you.

If you want to dig deeper in your own physical wholeness journey, I taught a workshop earlier this year on “Extracting 5 Life-Altering Lessons from a Year of Physical Trials”. You can watch it on-demand here (WWMC members – access it for free on the website.)

As we go into this Easter weekend, may you be reminded that new life is springing up all around you. There is life after loss. Can you see it?