🚫 Stop These 2 Things Now!

I’m really bothered by all the “do more of this” self-help BS out there. When you’re already juggling all the things, stretched thin, feeling exhausted, and giving your all, how does that message help!?

Don’t even get me started on “you just need to try harder”. If I could just try to be more patient, God knows I’d be a saint by now. Trying harder is a recipe for shame, depletion, and NO true growth.

Those messages are the exact OPPOSITE way you grow. If you’re not where you want to be in your life or leadership, this is the secret:

Expand your internal capacity 
and you’ll naturally get better external results

Self-help (and even self-care!) focuses on what you’re doing externally. But if nothing changes internally, you’ll only be more discouraged, exhausted, and embarrassed by your results.

I had a final a coaching call with Andrea earlier this week. She just finished her Executive Warrior Woman coaching group, and she was SO excited to share the final results from her top goal.

Besides creating an inspiring vision board for her next 5 years of life and leadership, the biggest win is that she’s expanded her internal capacity. The vision she has for her next 5 years is a direct reflection of how she’s expanded internally – her mindset, thought patterns, beliefs, and emotional capacity so that she can naturally get these results by her 50th birthday.

If you notice in the center of her vision board, she’s defined who she is: I am capable. I am confident. I carry impact. Who she is becoming is getting her the results she desires to have in her life and leadership. That is crazy powerful!!

In a world that’s more concerned with how you look, how much you accumulate, and how many social media followers and likes you have, there’s an easier and lighter way to become your whole self and fulfill your greatest potential.

And it has NOTHING to do with doing more or trying harder.

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