The Art of Resilience

PHOTO: @simonrae

PHOTO: @simonrae

Resilience is a mysterious combination of art, science, and spirit. Just the word itself evokes images of triumph, rising above, adaptability, and grit.  

Like art, resilience expresses itself uniquely in each person. And, as with science, there are general principles and recognized steps that, when applied, can empower individuals to overcome obstacles. But the most powerful factor of all in resilience is spirit.  

Spirit is where traits like resolve, courage, character, vitality, and hope reside.  

In times like these when our world is facing a collective trauma, our spirit can suffer. We can lose heart, be discouraged, feel disoriented, and succumb to fear. These are real trials we are facing, after all. Real losses. Real pain.

But just as the spirit can be wounded, it can also be restored. Our stories are still being written. In every crisis, there are opportunities waiting to be embraced. And these are best discovered in a safe community.

Ezer + Co. Coach, Tamara Carpenter

On May 21, I’m starting a 4-week coaching group that will focus on renewing our spirit and cultivating resilience.  

In 4-weekly, 60-minute Zoom sessions, we will take stock of where we are, honor our stories, artfully design our next steps and develop individual plans of action.

If you are interested in being part of this journey and cultivating resilience, registration is open until midnight, May 20th — or until spots fill.

Anchor your hope beyond the storm and into the fullness of who you’ve been created to be and do in this world.

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