You are the Reason We Celebrate 5 Years

WOW – to think this all started a year after I got fired and wayyyyyy before we were ready is crazy pants.

The past 5 years of starting from $0 with ZERO financial investors to being one of the Top 6% annual revenue of women-owned businesses nationally has taught me this: it takes a village. And I’m ridiculously grateful you’re in ours.

Okay, we’re celebrating this milestone big-time because where we’ve come from matters!

We’ve had our ears to the ground over the past few years as we chatted with you in Zoom rooms, read every single thoughtful response you submitted in our surveys, as we chit-chatted on social media with you, and through our relationships that have formed because you’ve never been “just a client” to us.

We deeply care about you, and our team has spent so much time digging into where your heart, mind, and soul is, and how we can best serve you. Through a global pandemic that disproportionately impacted women and my personal health crisis this last year, you’ve always stood by us and are the lifeblood of this company.

There were a handful of times in these last 5 years, I wondered if we’d make it, but we have because you made sure we didn’t quit. Encouraging messages, referring your friends, joining beta coaching groups, and signing up for a revamped membership community – you gave us your voice, confidence, and dollars, assuring me that what we do matters.

We have been through so much together. There have been countless Zoom calls, member check-ins, and retreat moments when I’ve thought:  “I want every woman to feel what it’s like to be this supported.”

Our team continues to refine our next steps and offers, and we’ve tailored our plans from your survey responses over the years.⁣ You’ve told us what you want and need (and not!), and in turn, it’s given me a renewed heart and vision for how we could serve you. 🧡

In a culture where highlight reels are on full display, you want the real deal, the deep stuff of what we’re facing as women, and to be equipped with simple, effective tools (and brave community!) to navigate your way to becoming your whole self and fulfilling your greatest potential.

This year, you’ll see our weekly emails and social media bring in additional components to represent these topics, and we’ve used your input as a guide for what’s ahead. (Invite a friend to subscribe here.)

We’ve always been about you becoming your whole self – physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, spiritually, and renewal.

Which leads us to our big news:

We’re expanding our coaching group options into 3 paths for more accessibility and engagement.

In a world where we as women, women of color, queer women, and historically marginalized folks are rarely – if ever! – centered and given space in the supportive community…

WE must be each others’ supportive community.

Community is powerful…we’re 100% better together. I think often about what our world would look like when women truly connect, feel less alone in their struggles, and are supported to become their WHOLE self. We will be an unstoppable force for good!

As we chat with you on Zoom calls, in FB posts, over DM messages, and have meaningful, vulnerable conversations with you IRL, we hear what you’re up against. You are not alone.

We believe you when you’ve told us that you feel demoralized – and defeated – when you experience things at work (and/or in your personal life) that leave you feeling small, undervalued, unseen, and even gaslit.

We’ve heard you’re frustrated by your voice not being heard or valued at work. And that the double standards for women are crazy-making.

We know you feel stretched thin, exhausted, and overwhelmed, yet you’re longing for more and desperate to reclaim who you fully are.

We’ll be sharing more details about these 3 new paths soon, but for now if you want to belong to a community like this, you can join our membership at THE LOWEST PRICE, normally offered only to our coaching group grads. But our best offer is only good until March 17th at 11:59pm.

“It is literally impossible to be a woman…But always stand out and always be grateful. But never forget that the system is rigged. So find a way to acknowledge that but also always be grateful…” America Ferrera’s monologue in “Barbie” encapsulated our experience and desperation.

We’re off to a great start together. Look at what we’ve done so far…

I’ll wrap up with this, friend…

When I look toward the next 5, 10, 20 years, I don’t know exactly who we will continue to become as a company or what we’ll accomplish in the world, but I know this: we’ll do it together with you because we’re better together! 

Happy Birthday to us! You’re in the good company of Warrior Women and in partnership with men…