2 vulnerable things I do daily

Our Patron Saint Brené Brown says “Vulnerability is your most accurate measure of courage.”

Vulnerability isn’t my natural proclivity, but I want to be deeply known by others and live courageous. So, I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years practicing vulnerability with safe people.

I still get hurt when I practice vulnerability and it isn’t received well. Even within the last couple months, I shared something vulnerable with a dear friend and was deeply hurt by their response. Vulnerability is a risk.

The two things most vulnerable things I do daily: mothering and leading. Both invite require me to live with my heart exposed, revealing my insecurities, weaknesses, and desires. They call me to my whole self.

Today’s my daughter’s 14th birthday. Just look at her below! Somehow she allowed us to wear matching sequin dresses for Beyoncé’s concert last summer. It’s a night we’ll NEVER forget. 💞 Though I didn’t birth her, she’s so much like me it’s terrifying. I feel so vulnerable raising a strong, sensitive, black girl in this world.

Addise is also a HUGE “why” I’m building Ezer + Co. I want her to be proud of what I’m building. I want her to see herself in this Company of Warrior Women. She drives me (without even knowing it!) to build a company that’s reflects our values (see below if you’re curious).

Today we celebrate her life and her birth mom who vulnerably chose to give her life. I’m so grateful God’s given me the privilege of raising her, and I’m committed to do the best job I can so she can live and lead with her whole self and fulfill her God-given potential.

I’m committed to that for you, too.

If you’re parenting, leading, or simply BREATHING, don’t miss this month’s FREE Wholeness Challenge.

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Fun heads up: Next month Ezer + Co. will celebrate our 5th birthday – an accomplish 90% of small businesses never get to this point. We’re planning some fun celebrations and we want your help because this Company of Warrior Women and Allies wouldn’t exist without you.

Stay tuned!! All my love…