This is NOT Coaching (and what it actually is!)

This week I was working at my local coffee shop and could overhear a conversation between a man and the woman he was “coaching”. I wanted to scream, slap his mouth, and rescue this woman from this man. It was HORRIBLE.

He was talking the entire time.

Dude, coaching is creating space to let your client’s inner conversations come out.

He was spouting off “insight” after “insight”, trying to impress her, I’m sure.

Dude, insight does NOT equal transformation.

He was using every cliché coaching catch phrase in the book.

Dude, stringing together mantras doesn’t make effective coaching.

He was telling her what to do.

Dude, like women need one more man telling them what to do!

He was talking down to her.

Dude, a great coach is a guide, not an expert.

As much as a I wanted to lose my cool while sipping my iced Americano, I realized that most people have really misguided ideas as to what coaching is, thanks to dudes like this.

Coaching Misconceptions

Coaching is kind of like the Wild West these days. It’s super popular. Everyone is doing it. Most people don’t get it. It’s an unregulated industry. And any Coffee Shop Dude can call himself a coach and become an IG influencer.

The vast majority of coaching offered these days is reactive, advice-driven, or expertise-based.

I don’t know what you think about coaching, but we are committed to the developmental science of coaching. We believe training and certification matters. We believe in doing our own work as coaches.

We believe there’s a better way to get you results that matter most to you. We believe transformation happens differently. We believe you already have the raw ingredients within you to live + lead with wholeness. So, when you sign-up for coaching with Ezer + Co., this is how we practice what coaching is … and isn’t. (Thanks, Coffee Shop Dude for being a great example of what NOT to do!!)

If you’re curious about our coaching groups, check them out and register for a group that works for you. We’ll practice that left side of the graphic, and not be like that dude.