Don’t deny your grief

It feels like we’re all carrying loss and pain with us these days. Grief feels like an unwelcome guest in daily life and conversations.

We’re experiencing collective grief. My conversations and social media feeds are filled with devastating news reports of what’s happening in Gaza/Israel, never-ending gun violence, the attacks on women’s bodies, and so on. Plus, I think we’re still recovering from all we experienced during Covid. And that’s only scratching the surface…

Then, there’s your personal grief. Me and my people are facing extraordinary health challenges, financial pressures, friendship losses, death, unresolved conflict, family fallouts, and more.

We’re out here handling our business, meeting all the daily needs, going to work, all the while there’s a sea of grief just under the surface.

There’s a phrase I often say to our coaching clients:

I’ve never met one person who wants to feel pain, loss, or grief. And yet it is THE unifying human experience. It’s THE place where you can be opened up to transformation. It’s THE thing that can actually produce healing in your whole self.

If you’re grieving something these days, you’re not alone! Trust that your grief can lead you to more life. Know also that grief feels lighter in community. Have hope that your grief will heal as you attend to your losses. This is not the end…

I’d love to send you a word of encouragement and lift up a prayer for you, if you’re grieving today. Feel free to reply and I promise to respond.