I want to be like her

It’s a big month – Women’s History Month and our 5th birthday! 🙌🏾

I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of woman I want to be, and the kind of women I want to be like. In this recent round of personal challenges and loss, it’s clear to me…

I want to be like women who have been to the depths, who’ve experienced great loss and grief, but have fought to become her whole self through it all. I want to be like women who haven’t had it easy, but are living with ease and lightness. I want to be more loving, kind, gracious, generous, inclusive, and wise like these women…

Women of the past like…
✨ Hagar who named God
✨ Rosa who fought for Justice
✨ Ruth who fought for women’s rights
✨ bell who expanded feminism for all

Women of the present like… 
💫 My mom who’s still present for me even though I’m 44 years old
💫 Sarah who’s making a cross country move for a fresh start
💫 Liz who’s an amazing single momma raising 3 Ezer girls
💫 Jecelyn who’s ambition is contagious
💫 Steph who’s embraced her WHOLE story
💫 Aqueelah who’s committed to synergy in her body and spirit
💫 Hana who’s stopped what’s not serving her well
💫 Shuree who’s ferocious about her healing
💫 Sue who’s found her voice and energy superpowers
💫 Heather who quit a toxic job
(pssst…these are all women in our community)

I wanna be exactly like her, but in my own way. When we fight to become our whole self, we get to pave the way for women of the future…

Women of the future like Addise, Everly, Maddie, and your daughter.

Seeing other women embody the character, competency, and capacity I want in my own life and leadership gives vision for who I can become. Representation matters. Can I get an “AMEN”?

Who do you want to be like? This connects who Ezer + Co. becomes in the next 5 years. I’d REALLY love to hear from you.

Looking to one another helps you stay the course in becoming your whole self. Doing it together is not only the BEST way, it’s the only way to not lose track of what matters. This is why our membership community is the place to be (women only, sorry dudes). You can join this month until tomorrow.