Emotional Wholeness is…


How many emotions can the average person accurately identify in themselves and others? 

Read to the end for the answer.

Emotional Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

the glue that guards your heart and gives you fullness of life

I’ve believed a whole lot of lies over the years about my emotions. These lies began in childhood but became more sophisticated (aka sinister) as I became a woman. My emotional wholeness journey has required proactive work over the last 20 years.

Which of these lies have you believed?

+ Emotions are not to be trusted

+ Being too emotional will cost your job

+ You are too sensitive

+ You have too many emotions

+ There are “negative” emotions and “positive” emotions

+ Stuffing, ignoring, or minimizing “negative” emotions is necessary (even spiritual)

+ Showing “strong” emotions are better than “weak” emotions

+ FILL IN THE BLANK:                                                                                    

Moralizing emotions have been so incredibly damaging for women (and men)! But the truth is, 

Emotions are energy in motion.

Let them pass through you or they will get locked in you. 

Your emotions can be trusted to teach you something. They are data points and artful expressions of what’s going on within. They are revealing something to you. Becoming more self-aware is the sacred journey of learning to decode what they’re communicating to you. 

We describe emotional wholeness like this…

Emotional Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

I didn’t forget to answer the question from the top: how many emotions can the average person accurately name in themselves and others?!?

Our patron saint, Brené Brown’s research shows that most people can only name THREE EMOTIONS in themselves and others – happy, sad, and pissed. YIKES. We’ve got some emotional work to do, friends!

Emotional wholeness in your life and leadership can make or break your future.

Emotional wholeness is the second dimension because it’s the glue that guards your heart and gives you fullness of life.

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We’re big fans of the Feelings Wheel. Print it out. Put it on your fridge and increase your emotional wholeness every time you’re able to specifically articulate what you’re feeling.