Mental Wholeness is…


How many thoughts does the average person have every day?

I’ll tell ya below.

Mental Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

the mindset focus that propels you faster to achieve your goals 

The average human has between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts every day!! E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y. That’s a $&!# ton of thoughts. 

Here’s the thing no one teaches you about your thoughts: 

You can have your thoughts 
your thoughts can have you.

You decide.*

*doesn’t fully account for mental health, illness, or brain trauma

Just because you’re thinking something doesn’t mean you have to continue thinking about it … or believe it … or become it. You have the power to shift your thoughts of negativity, scarcity, and fear into possibility, hope, and trust. You have the right to change your mind! (Trust me – I’ve changed a lot of my thoughts over the years around what I think about myself, God, others, and the world!!)

Your mental wholeness centers in your brain and mindset. We’ve described it like this…

Mental Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

If you want to increase your mental wholeness, practice one of these action steps:

+ Do something CREATIVE

+ Get CURIOUS by asking 10 questions about something you don’t get.

FOCUS 30-minutes to change the way you look at things and the thing you look at will change (read that brain-bender again).

+ Brainstorm three possible SOLUTIONS to your primary problem.

MENTALLY PREP for today by naming your top three tasks to achieve.

+ Practice TIME MANAGEMENT by blocking your top tasks in your calendar.

Care for your mind. Your body and emotions will thank you. (Remember, each wholeness dimension is interconnected and impacts one another.) 

Mental wholeness is the third dimension because it’s the mindset focus that propels you faster to achieve your goals.

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