What to do when life feels crazy 🤪

First off, an apology. In last week’s email I referenced “girls gone wild” and completely mis-remembered what that 90s phenomenon was. 😱 In bed early Friday morning, my husband, Brian opened the email and said, “Uh babe, that was definitely not what you thought it was”. If that reference caused you to go 🧐🤯😳, I’m really sorry. My pop culture memory is often poor and this one was one of the worst.

Which ironically leads me to a wholeness pro tip: When life feels crazy, what are you supposed to do? Pause. Wait. Think. Feel. Listen.

Those are VERY counter-intuitive actions, but if you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, scattered, unnerved, or wobbly, the worst thing you can do is power up and push through.

In the wildness of summer, here’s what I encourage you to do the next time you feel like your life is crazy or out of control.

  • PHYSICALLY, take five deep, slow breaths. Fill your lungs with oxygen. Fully exhale. Then, listen to what your body needs you to do and respond accordingly.
  • EMOTIONALLY, name what you’re feeling with as much emotional granularity as possible. In our coaching groups we use this Feelings Wheel which can help you get specific as to what you’re feeling. Understanding your emotions help you move through them with more ease and lightness.
  • MENTALLY, determine a ‘win’ for today and get it done.
  • RELATIONALLY, reach out to one of the most supportive people in your life and connect.
  • SPIRITUALLY, surrender what feels out of control. Letting go in one of the most powerful yet ignored spiritual practices.
  • RENEWAL, open your calendar and determine a window of time in the near future where you can do something that energizes you.

Life won’t ever naturally feel less crazy. It just won’t. Sorry.

That means YOU get to participate differently within the crazy and shift your focus. Don’t forget this truth – where your attention goes, your energy flows.

I always love hearing from you! Drop me a line with what helped you most today.

May whatever feels wild, shift as you do your holy wholeness work.