Your body is beautiful

There’s nothing like the shedding of clothes in the hot summer months to reveal what’s really going on with our bodies and how we feel about our flesh and bones.

Summer is a season to revisit your relationship with your body.

I was talking with a mentor last week and she asked me what were the big takeaways from my healing journey from long-Covid. Without hesitation, one takeaway is how I’m doubling down on caring for my body with sleep, food, and movement. My belief has only deepened that wholeness begins in your body.

When your body isn’t operating at its fullest potential, it impacts every other dimension.

When you think about your body, are your thoughts, feelings, and actions loving, honoring, kind, active, and compassionate? Or do you push, force, shame, silence, ignore your body?

How you treat your body impacts every other dimension – emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, and renewal. And what’s going on in every other dimension will reveal itself in our bodies. It’s how we were created. We’re whole humans.

Our exclusive Wholeness Assessment has been taken by nearly 200 participants. The results show that physical wholeness is one of the two lowest scored dimensions. We not only struggle with how we view our bodies, but also how we treat them. Even the basic care behaviors of sleeping 7-9 hours/night, fueling our body with nutrient dense foods, and moving our bodies to the capacity we’re able is a struggle. Most of us need help paying attention and responding.

As summer continues, we’re taking action to increase wholeness in our bodies!

This month in our membership community, we’re focusing on our physical wholeness. We’re doing a simple, effective challenge that will help us move toward wholeness in our sleep, food, and movement patterns. Everything we do this month will draw attention to our bodies so wholeness can increase in every dimension.

Join us for the month or save money with our annual membership. It’s the best way to stay the course in your wholeness journey and connect with other women who want the same.

In case you need to hear it again, your body is beautiful. Pay attention to what she’s saying and then honor those messages by doing something about it.