What you lose when you don’t focus on “first things”

One of the things Aqueelah said to me at the end of her coaching group was “Achieving my goal wasn’t what I thought it’d be…it was more.” What she went on to describe was that even though she accomplished the ONE BIG THING that was most important to her, there was additional wins and benefits she gained along the way as she focused on the “first thing”.

This week I got to interview my spiritual director, Mindy Caliguire, in our membership community about how to grow your soul. In our work, we talk about how your body is most important for life (physical wholeness), but your soul is more important for meaning (spiritual wholeness).

One of the mic drop moments was when Mindy said:

Focus on first things,

and you’ll get the second things, too.

focus on second things and you’ll lose both.

First things are what’s most important: caring for your body, honoring your values, living into your priorities. Second things are more external and will be an inevitable overflow when you pay attention, listen, and slow down enough to do the first things.

If you couldn’t attend live, you can catch the replay. We maximized our hour discussing how to grow your soul…

  • ON PURPOSE by defining what soul care is and is NOT, and what’s required to transform
  • WITH RECOVERY by discussing the dangers of a ‘Popeye Arm’
  • THROUGH GRIEF as an inevitable teacher and what makes it good

The content is GOLD here, but how it can open your soul to transformation and save your life is the true value.

Watch the replay HERE. (Members, the replay is included on our private website.)

If you’re going to lead yourself to your whole self, you cannot ignore your soul. Your life and leadership are given to you with great intention and meaning. Do not waste them, friend.